Get Ex Back If They Are Not That Into You

Has your mate lost interest in you over time?  Do you think that's why you lost them?  This is an all too common reason for relationships to break up.  They just aren't that into you like they once were, so they move on.  Obviously, this is very challenging for you if you want to get your ex back.

Is there anything that you can do to get ex back when they are no longer into you? You didn't really do anything wrong, but as time went on in the relationship they lost passion for you, and now they want to find someone else who can make them happy.

So you've put all this effort into the relationship, sometimes years, and they don't want to be your mate anymore. They're usually not mad at you, don't hate you, they just aren't that into you.

To be clear, this is a tough situation to recover your relationship from.  Once your ex feels that the thrill is gone, that you aren't the one, the emotional distance that builds up can be hard to bridge. However, one of the advantages of this type of break up is that usually they are still friendly towards you, and they are still approachable. You can use this friendliness to your benefit as you take steps to get them back.

One of the first things you need to do when your ex just isn't that into you anymore is you need to find out why. What aren't they that into you about anymore? Is it that the sex has become mechanical? Are they bored? Do they feel you don't share enough of the same values? Is there not enough communication? Do they think you aren't as playful and passionate about them anymore?

Once you have figured this out - exactly why they aren't into you, then you know something important. Whatever it is, sex, communication, loss of passion, that is useful information.

The next question is, do you want to change that for them? In order to get them back, do you want to change that thing about yourself. If you are willing to be more communicative or more sexually adventurous or whatever they feel they need, then you have a chance to get them back.

You then promise they that you want to give them what they want. If its more passionate sex, you tell them you'll be more passionate, and ask if they will help you be the way they want you to be in bed. Whatever it is, you aim to convince them you will change it for them. This approach won't always work, but it can give you a good chance to start getting them back into you.

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