Get Ex Back In 3 Simple Steps

Many people after breaking up seem to have a poor plan for getting their ex back. They will wait weeks or months and hope their mate forgives them or misses them enough to want them back. This usually just causes further heartbreak. Here is a 3 step method for getting your ex back within just a few days.

Step One:  figure out why the relationship ended. Try to figure this out as objectively as possible. What caused the break up? If there was a big fight at the end, what was the underlying reason as best you understand it that you split up?

Relationships will end for one of three main reasons. You wronged them in some significant way. They wronged you. Or, they lost their interest in and passion for you, you drifted apart.

Figuring out the reason why you split is the first important step. Admitting what went wrong and being honest about it is key to repairing the rift between you.  Be as honest as you can about your part in what went wrong.

Step Two is to have a special kind of conversation with them that focuses on how you both feel rather than on blaming and arguing. You want to make it clear in the beginning of this conversation that you aren't going to attack and blame, and they don't need to justify or explain. That you just want them to listen and be listened to. So, for example, if you cheated on them, you need to let them vent about their feelings about what you did, and you need to make them feel heard. (This step doesn't apply to Relationship Drift, you have to do something different.)

If you can both talk about your feelings about what went wrong, not get into blaming and arguing, then there is hope. The negative feelings you both have may need to be aired in a safe environment where you agree beforehand not to scream or make the other person wrong.

Step Three is discretionary. You have to go by gut instinct how well step two went. If feelings got vented and aired sufficiently, then you can give or accept an apology. This paves the way to discuss getting back together.  If they are still angry, you can give them more time.

You don't need to demand or pressure your mate to get back together or make a big decision. You need to let them know you are interested in seeing them again and ask them to consider that. Leaving the ball in their court is often the best practice at this stage. There is a lot more to this, but following these three steps can begin to repair your love relationship and pave the way for reconnecting without waiting weeks and just hoping they want you back.

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