Get Ex Back In Just One Day

When it comes to getting your ex back, most experts and books will tell you that it takes 30 days or longer to do it. They operate under the theory that time heals all wounds, so after a month your ex may have softened towards you enough to consider taking you back.

This does work in some cases, but it can also be bad relationship advice in many instances. After a month or more, your ex may have moved on.

So is there a way to get your ex back in 24 hours or so? Can this really happen? When you know what you're doing, you can often get your ex back in hours instead of months.

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What, then, should you do to get your ex back in one day? The answer to this varies based on the reasons you broke up. There are three general triggers that cause a break up.

First, your mate wronged you, maybe they cheated on you. Second, you wronged your mate, you were too controlling or too jealous or you cheated on them. The final reason is that your ex lost their interest and passion in you. Nonetheless, for each of these reasons, you can often begin to get your ex back in one day when you go about it using the correct relationship intelligence.

Let's use as an example a situation where you got caught cheating on your ex. They kicked you out, swearing they could not ever trust you again after such a huge betrayal. Can this type of damage possibly be repaired in just hours?

Many times, yes, it can. What you need to do is to have a certain kind of conversation with them that takes about fifteen minutes. In this conversation, you don't apologize, at least not right away. Saying I'm sorry til you're blue in the face doesn't work, as your probably already know.

What you need to do is follow three specific steps before you apologize. These steps can be characterized as owning up to what you did, acknowledging the hurt you caused, and then listening to how they feel about it.

To get your ex back requires more listening than it does apologizing! The key to getting your ex back in one day lies more in being a good listener than in what you say. When your mate has had a chance to vent their hurt feelings in a particular way, then they make room in their heart to love you again.

Allowing your mate to vent in a healing manner takes only a short time, but in that short time your ex can release most of their negative feelings, which makes room in their heart for forgiveness. The conversations that allow this take only about fifteen minutes, but they can support profound change in your ex's feelings about you.

Once they have begun to forgive, they can begin to make room in their heart to love you again. There is much more detail to this, but the emotional intelligence required is fairly easy to learn. But rather than wait months hoping to get your ex back in most cases the right kind of conversation can begin to get you back with your mate in hours instead of months.

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