Get Ex Back With Just One Phone Call!

Can you get your ex back with just one phone call?  Even more, can you get them back with one phone call that lasts less than half an hour?  The answer is that yes, sometimes you can do exactly that!  Since every break up is different, sometimes it will take more than one call, but you can begin to get back together most times with the right kind of phone call.

If you want to get your ex back fast, starting with one phone call, instead of waiting 30 days or more hoping he/she will forgive you, you will need a powerful strategy. You will need to use emotional intelligence that will help your ex to release their negative feelings about you so they can get back to feelings of love.

Before you make that call, the first thing to know is that you don't want to apologize right away. If saying I'm sorry worked, you would already be back together. So no matter how sorry you feel, don't start your call with an apology.

Instead of saying I'm sorry, the first thing to do on the call is to admit what you did wrong. Own it. Say something in the vicinity of "I want to start by saying that I did you wrong. I was too controlling (or I cheated on you or whatever) and jealous." This is a critical first move.

The emotional intelligence here is powerful!  Before you can get to forgiveness, you want to know that the person understands that they did something wrong. If a friend screws up and then lies about it, you have a much harder time letting it go. But if they can own up to it, you can see it as a mistake and let it go that much faster.

If it didn't mean anything, then they could do it again, couldn't they? So the first step to getting your ex back in a phone call is to admit, own, fess up to what you did wrong.  If you want to get ex back, this is a great start.

Then you are ready for the next step, which is to tell your ex the pain and hurt you caused them by whatever you did wrong. "I know that my infidelity caused you to feel sad and hurt and unloved..."

In this step you are letting your ex know at a deep emotional level that you really do understand that you did wrong and further, that you know you caused damage. You are mirroring the pain your ex feels and he/she is feeling very heard and understood.   This is important Emotional Intelligence to help your ex move towards forgiveness.

There are other steps to take in this one phone call to get your ex back, but if you just do these first two with your ex before you get to apologizing you will be much more likely to win them back. Before they can take you back they need to release their bad feelings and forgive you, and these two steps will help them get there much faster than just saying I'm sorry.

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