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My name is Daniel Molla, I'm 31 years old. 8 months ago I moved in with Lori and her cute daughter Kate.

It was great at first, of course.  Then each month we lived together we seemed to fight more and more.  She seemed to feel I was taking her for granted and not helping out around the house and it started to feel to me like nagging.  Then I started spending more time with my friends to avoid fighting with Lori and she complained that I wasn't spending enough time with her and too much time at the bars.  One fight led to another and she kicked me out last month.

After about one week alone I realized I was happiest with her and I was happy all the times I made her happy and I really really missed her and wanted another chance.  But I'd said some rude things to her in our last few fights and she just flat out said we were done.  I kept calling and texting her over the next few days and she ignored my calls.  I grew more desperate and felt more hopeless.  Then, last week I got an ebook called How To Get Your Love Back Now that changed everything. 

What you should know first of all is that I'm just a normal guy with a normal job and sure, I like watching football and drinking beer with friends but when she kicked me out I was shocked.

We had a lot of great times together and yeah, we were fighting more but I thought we'd work things out and then wham, she kicked me out and wanted nothing more to do with me.  This book is the only thing that worked, and it worked in just hours!

I won't go into all the gory details of why we broke up because my sob story would take all day I also realize that your time is precious.  However, what I do hope is that you'll spend the next 30 seconds reading this through because it'll almost certainly save you heart ache and unnecessary time alone apart from your loved one.

Very Quickly, Here Are The Things I Tried That Didn't Work For Me...

At first when I tried to get my ex back I did some things that didn't work.  She wasn't returning my calls anymore and said we were done, but I thought beneath it all she still loved me.  So I searched the Internet and bought two books.  One was full of gimmicks like make her feel jealous by pretending not to care or pretending to have a girlfriend.  That seemed heartless and too dumb to even try.  The second basically said wait 30 days and see if they let go of their anger and then see if you can start dating them again. 

Wait 30 days?  See if time would heal the wounds?  I didn't want to wait and sit around hoping and trying not to be depressed.    Give me a break! About to give up, I tried one more search and found a book called How To Get Your Love Back Now.  It said you could get your love back starting in as few as 7 minutes using something called Emotional Logic.  I was skeptical but there was a money back guarantee and I figured what the heck.

The Shocking Truth About The Emotions of Breaking Up

Like I said, I'm a normal guy, I don't think about these things too much, but the book made some things very clear.  When you break up, negative emotions like anger and hurt and sadness have built up to the point that one person calls it quits.  Nothing shocking there.  Kinda obvious, right? 

The thing I never really thought about or understood was how emotions work, and how to make painful emotions go away.   If you can't make the negative emotions your ex feels go away, then you won't get back together.  It's that simple.  If you can help make the negative emotions go away, then you can get back to feelings of love and you can get back together.  This book tells you EXACTLY how to make the negative emotions of your ex dissolve.

And after about twenty pages, I understood exactly what he was talking about and how to do it.  There is a way to help your ex get rid of their negative feelings, and it really does only take minutes.  It has to do with a kind of "venting," allowing them to get things off their chest.  He has a seven step method that made total sense.

You can find out more about the book here

And Here's How I Got My Ex Back In 24 hours after 3 Weeks of Frustration...

I called her on the phone (using a method he described in the book) and she actually returned my call.  That felt positive right off the bat.  I had the 7 steps right in front of me and followed each one.  She did most of the talking.  At first, she was kinda yelling and angry.  The negative emotions were right there, all right.  But I followed the venting method and after a while she calmed down some and starting talking normally. 

Now after almost fifteen minutes of listening to her, I asked her if she would consider accepting my apology.  She agreed.  I asked her for a second chance and she said she would have to sleep on it.  That night I knew she was preparing a birthday party for her daughter. So I said I have a birthday present for Kate can I bring it over later? She said sure, but nothing is GONNA HAPPEN!  I ENDED UP SPENDING THE NIGHT!!!!! 

The next morning she says, how the hell did you do what ya did? I said what do you mean? She said, you called me on the phone, got my anger to go away and then you came over here and ended up staying the night, and I'm like 90% ready to take you back in only one day?? 

Now, we didn't actually get back together "completely" for another few days, she had to think about it some more, but I knew after spending the night that we would.  So technically it took me a week to get to move back in with her, and things are SO MUCH better now that I've learned to appreciate what I almost lost from my life forever.

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How To Deal With Other Issues...

Now, maybe you broke up for other reasons, like they cheated on you, or you cheated on them.  In either case, he tells you exactly how to use Emotional Logic to get your ex back even in those extreme situations.  It makes total sense.  And, a lot of people break up because the ex just isn't that into you anymore.  There is a whole section of the book on how to get them back into you.  I learned a ton from reading it on how to avoid future problems with Lori. 

The whole idea with this method is to help make the negative emotions of your ex dissolve or get resolved.  And his methods tell you step by step exactly how to do it even if they cheated on you or you cheated on them.

It revolves around some simple theories of Emotional Logic.  Now I think about feelings in a much more useful way.  Sure, it sounds a bit like psychology, but it does actually work.

It isn't some dumb gimmick or a plan to wait 30 days and "hope" your ex's bad feelings go away.  It doesn't involve stalking or begging or losing your dignity in any way.

It's simple, straightforward and very respectful.  You get to be yourself and let your mate be themself.  Is that a word?  At any rate, the power of this to change her heart shocked me!

It won't surprise you that the reason why I would recommend How To Get Your Love Back Now to anyone is because when I used it it made sense and worked fast.  Although I didn't get my ex back in the 7 minutes that is claimed on the website, I'm sure you'll agree that it's pretty astonishing, especially when you consider I didn't have any clue about dealing with emotions intelligently. 

The most important part though is that I understood within twenty pages or so exactly what he was talking about and how to put this to use, which is mighty impressive and highly unusual for a guy like me.

So The Question Is, Should You Try How To Get Your Love Back Now?

By the way, I am a real person.  I sent the author a testimonial because I was so happy and he asked me to put up this page for you.  His "Immediate Reconnect Strategies" worked for me and Lori when other books said to just wait 30 days or more or to try to make your mate jealous.  I would say that How To Get Your Love Back Now is straightforward, and I learned more about relationships and emotions from this one book than anything else I have ever read about this stuff. 

In fact, if I'd known about it when I first realized how much I wanted her back, I would have got Lori back without the heartache and wasting my time and money with everything else.

Anyway, that's all for today and if you want to Get Your Love Back Now this really worked for me. You can visit the website here    or you can

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Posted by Dan: back in December 11, 2008




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