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If you want to get your ex back, you need to arm yourself with the latest Emotional Intelligence.  Relationship and Emotional Intelligence make a big difference in whether you lose your partner forever or get your ex back in days.  Take this free course to find out the exact steps you can take starting in just minutes from now.

Now, here is the thing about how to get ex back.  It starts with you needing to know what caused the break up.  It will do you no good to try to get back together without understanding what caused the break up.  Not your excuses, justifications and stories, but what really happened?

So, to start with the first step, understand that there are only three main causes for a relationship to end.  Only three.  You can figure out which one caused your ex to leave you with only three choices, right?  It isn't that hard.  To get ex back, you have to do this first step objectively.  See beyond your story to what bottom line you know caused the break up.

The first cause is that you did something wrong.  You wronged your mate is some way.  You cheated or had an affair over time.  You fought too much and got abusive when you did.  You neglected him or her too much.  Over time, or one time, you did something wrong.  Now you regret it, and want to get ex back.

The second cause is the reverse of the first.  Your ex wronged you.  Perhaps they committed infidelity.  They got abusive.  In some way, the did you wrong and you had to kick them out.  You may now want them back, but you don't want back their bad behavior.  How do you get ex back in this situation?

The third cause of relationships ending is they just aren't that into you anymore.  They tell you they have fallen out of love.  Lost the passion.  This is one of the main reasons relationships end every day. 

These three causes then are the primary reason relationships end.  One of these is why your ex is your ex.  If you can figure out which one, then you will be on your way to doing something positive to get ex back

Once you have figured out the cause, then you need to follow a campaign to get your ex back.  You need to have a unique strategy based on why your relationship ended.  For each of the three major causes, there are three different immediate reconnect strategies to help get your ex back.

The no charge course you can sign up for on this page will cover the first strategy.  What to do when you wronged your mate to get ex back.  There are just seven steps you need to follow to have a chance to get your ex back.   Put these steps into your own words, and you can get your ex back in as little as half an hour, if you are lucky!  (Most situations will take longer, up to a few days for your ex to consider things.)

The second cause, your mate wronged you, requires a different immediate reconnect plan to win back your love.  Here, you need to to invite them back, but only after you have made it clear that you don't want back their bad behavior.  This is tricky, but it can be done.

In both of these cases, you can get your ex back and reestablish trust and love.  If they cheated on you, you can forgive and move forward.  If you cheated on them, they can forgive and start trusting you again.  This really can be done, it just takes some powerful relationship intelligence to make it happen.  You can learn and use it within minutes of taking the course!

The final cause, your ex just isn't that into you anymore, is one of the hardest to recover from.  Over time, they have lost their passion for you and by now may have hardened their heart against you.  What can you do when they say they have "fallen out of love?" 

There are some things you can do.  You may still have a chance.  But here, you need to have a good plan and follow it.  It will take some work, but you can sometimes reverse the damage and get them to "fall back into love" with you.  So there are things you can to get your ex back!

Do not give up hope.  Learn some emotional intelligence and some relationship intelligence and then take steps to reconnect with your mate.  This course will teach you some basic relationship intelligence that you can use in minutes to start reconnecting with your mate. 

It isn't hard to learn.  It's just that they never taught us any relationship intelligence in school.  It will take you just a short while to figure out what you need to say and what you need to do to have a solid chance at winning them back.  People have free choice.  No strategy will work all the time.  But arm yourself with these three strategies, and you have the best chance possible to get your ex back today.






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