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Win Ex Back

Win to win ex back but not sure how?  Did you wrong your mate and get dumped? Did you cheat on them or did you fight and scream at them a lot? Did they find some behaviors of your unacceptable and give you the boot?

Now you want to get them back. Well, there is good news. Even if you cheated,   you can win ex back if you wronged them, if you follow certain proven steps. And you usually don't need to wait weeks or months to make this happen.

The first thing proven method to win ex back after wronging them is to admit to yourself that you did wrong them. You did something or somethings that hurt them. You caused them to go from a heart full of love for you to a heart full of sadness or anger or pain about you. You did that. You cheated on them or you argued and fought with them and they finally had it.

You know how we all are. We like to blame others, or blame alcohol or work for our problems. We often don't accept responsibility. So the first step to win ex back is to admit to yourself that you caused damage to your ex.

The next part of the plan to win ex back follows the first. Since you've admitted to yourself what you did, the next step is to admit it to your ex. Fess up. Say "I wronged you by..." This is important. Instead of arguing or making excuses, you tell your mate that you did them wrong.

When someone hurts us one of the first things we want to know is if they understand that they hurt us. We don't want to hear excuses and reasons and arguments. We need to know they know what they did wrong. When we understand that, we can start to forgive.  This is a key to to how to win ex back.

We all tend to apologize endlessly and say I'm sorry I'm sorry. But if you want your ex to get to forgiveness a better start is to own up to what you did wrong. This is important for them to hear.

So instead of beginning with endless I'm sorry's to try to win ex back, do something more powerful first. Own up to yourself that you did them wrong, them admit it to them without excuses. This is a good way to begin to fix the damage you caused and make way for them to consider taking you back.

Next, there is one thing to understand that will help you to win ex back into your life if it is at all possible. Because of what you did or what happened between you, their heart if full of negative feelings towards you.

Sure, it seems obvious, but this is really the key to win ex back. You have to help them to resolve or release these negative emotions. Can you do something like that?

Yes, you most certainly can win ex back by helping him/her to release negative emotions. Little old you, probably with no psychological training, can help your ex to release and resolve their negative feelings towards you.

One way to do this is to help them release their negative feelings, get them off their chest. This is called venting or clearing. You've done it, we've all done it, when we meet a friend for a drink after work and spill about our boss or day and what went wrong. We all feel better after we have vented about the bad feelings that happened during the day.

You can use this same method to help win ex back. Instead of apologizing and fast talking to get them back, listen to them! Ask them how they feel about what went wrong and then let them vent!

Just make them feel understood as they vent. Don't argue or attack or defend your past actions. Let them dump. Just a few venting episodes can help them to get all those bad feelings off their chest and out of their system, making room to consider taking you back.  These two steps can help you powerfully to win ex back.

Win Ex Back Action Steps:

1.  Admit what you did wrong.

2.  Don't offer excuses and justifications.  "You were cold to me" is a bad idea!

3.  Then help them to vent.  The free course below goes into this in much more   detail.

4.  Write out what you'll say and give them a call and make it happen!

5.  To really win ex back, make a powerful apology!

There are a lot more steps to the process of how to win ex back.  If you would like to get your ex back quickly, you can check out a complete 7 Step Strategy here at  Win Ex Back Back Now.


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