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Get Ex Back 1  Book Excerpt

The Beginning of Getting Back Together

First of all, if you have just broken up, my condolences.  I’m sorry for the pain and heartache and emptiness you are feeling.  Going from having someone special in your life to being “all alone” is no fun.  We’ve all been there, but I just want you to know that I’m sorry.  The pain of a relationship break up is one of the biggest emotional hurricanes we will ever experience in our lives.  This book is designed to help you through that place and get back to love quickly, and I sincerely hope you find comfort and strength and hope in the words that follow.

My name is John Laney.  I am a trainer and coach on Relationships, and the author of several books, one being Train Your Mate, on how to have more love and intimacy in your relationship.  I teach courses on “How To Get Powerfully Related to People” and courses on Emotional and Relationship Intelligence.  And I’ve learned a few things about break ups that you should know.

We aren’t going to spend a lot of time on theory and explanations.  We will get into some fascinating facts and issues a bit later, but you bought this book to get your love back and so we are going to dive right in to “The Immediate Reconnect Strategies” that you can use to do just that. 

I just ask that you read the whole book before you apply any of the powerful methods we will discuss.  These strategies are potent, effective, and some can only be used to best effect once.  Don’t waste them.  Also, by the end of the book we will look at some other very important issues about your relationship health and well being.  Things like should you even get back together, and how to make your relationship stronger if you do.    

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This is just the beginning of the book.  There are a lot more steps to the process of getting your ex back.  If you would like to get your ex back quickly, you can check out the complete 7 Step Strategy here at Get Your Love Back Now.


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